100 Most Entertaining Survivors #88: Sierra Reed

Sierra Reed got 7th place in Survivor Tocantins, one of the most represented seasons on this list.


For those of you who don’t remember, this is Sierra. She was one of the most hated players in the game by some people, while some people rooted for her to win the entire thing. One thing, however, was for sure: She was entertaining.


Sierra began her Survivor experience in a way that only two people ever have. The producers decided to begin the game of Survivor: Tocantins by immediately “voting” two people off the second the game started. Seeing as Sierra had a fever and was a smaller girl, Timbira quickly “voted her off”. In all actuality, this simply meant that Sierra (and Sandy who got “voted off” of Jalapao) did not have to participate in the first hike to camp, the got a helicopter ride.


This ended up giving us the first reason why I loved Sierra. When she and Sandy got back to camp, they had the option to either look for the hidden immunity idol or begin building camp. While Sandy decided to look for the hidden immunity idol, Sierra thought that she would try to improve her stock in the tribe and begin to build a shelter. I immediately knew after this that I would like Sierra. This move showed me that she was conscious of how she was perceived and that she had a social conscience.


The next thing that Sierra did was something that she didn’t actually do: The Exile Alliance. I thought that the Exile Alliance was the most interesting prospective move in the game for a few seasons. I know it didn’t pan out, but the editors gave it so much screen time that everyone thought that it would. The Exile Alliance consisted of Taj, Brenden, Stephen, and Sierra. The alliance was possible because Exile Island included a twist where two people (one from each tribe) would go to Exile together. This alliance was amazingly entertaining while it lasted, which wasn’t long.


Another entertaining moment for Sierra was a moment that she, Brenden, and Debbie perpetrated. Brenden and Sierra were looking for the hidden immunity idol. They were digging a HUGE hole in the middle of the beach (away from camp). Debbie stumbled upon this, and asked what was going on, Sierra quickly responded “We are building a fire pit”. This led to Debbie advocating for the fire pit more than Sierra or Brenden. This moment was played out pretty heavily because it actually led to some controversy within the Timbira tribe. And it all began because Sierra had to cover her ass.


Finally, Sierra was entertaining because of her constant bickering with Tyson. While there was never a full on fight, we did often see Tyson hating on Sierra for reasons that were never really understood by the audience (or at least by me). This made the character of Sierra incredibly entertaining, but we will get to the specific comments made by Tyson in his entry (oh you bet he is on this list).


Overall, Sierra was an entertaining person to be on Survivor. I feel like she doesn’t get much credit, however, because she was overpowered by some incredibly entertaining people on that season (I haven’t done an official count, but I believe it to be the most represented season on this list). Coach and Tyson may have overshadowed Sierra, but she will always have made Tocantins more entertaining in my book.



Thanks to all for reading, please comment. I hope you enjoyed.




One thought on “100 Most Entertaining Survivors #88: Sierra Reed

  1. Anastasiya says:

    See I think she is overrated, Her Exile Island alliance failed and she whined alot, thats all I remember from her

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