100 Most Entertaining Survivors #89: Sugar Kiper (Gabon)

Sugar Kiper got 3rd place in Survivor: Gabon.




For those of you who don’t remember, this is Sugar. She is famous for a few different things. One, according to her best friend, Corrinne, is crying. A few more records she holds: She was exiled five times, more than any other Survivor, she is one of only a few Survivors to never have her name written down (literally, at regular or final tribal councils), she also had one of the quite possibly worst Final tribal council performances of all time (in my opinion).

Sugar is on this list for a few reasons. She was not originally on this list, but after a while I decided that she needed to be here. She began her time on Survivor by getting into an alliance with one of the most annoying people to play the game, Ace. Everyone was rooting for the two of them to be voted off when she decided to make a move that made her wildly popular: voting him off. In fact, it was her vote that got him voted off.

Some people were incredibly annoyed by Sugar despite her move to get Ace off, and that is fine, however I really liked her. She was my fourth pick to win for the rest of the season (behind Randy, Corrinne, and Bob). She beat all of the odds and ended up finding the hidden immunity idol on one of her stays on Exile, beating out the phenomenal legal mind of Dan Kay, who didn’t realize that “A sandy crater” didn’t mean “the bottom of the lake”.

While Randy was by far my favorite person in Gabon, I have to give Sugar entertainment points for what happened at the auction. For those of you who don’t remember, Randy uncharacteristically bought cookies for the entire tribe. He offered one to everyone and Sugar declined. After Randy had given everyone else on the tribe a cookie, he offered Sugar his cookie as a nice gesture. She took the cookie and gave it to Matty. While this might not seem like a big deal, Randy was incredibly upset. You read that correctly folks, Sugar is the only person in the history of Survivor to get a 49 year old man upset over a cookie. The moment was pure magic.

The next reason why I love Sugar is something that is purely personal. She saved Bob. Bob is historically one of the most disliked winners in Survivor history, but I completely disagree. He is one of my favorites, by far. The situation is thus: the final four is Susie, Sugar, Matty, and Bob. Bob, after a huge immunity run, loses immunity and it seems like his life in Survivor is over. He decides to play to the emotional side of Sugar and plea for her vote to make it a 2-2 tie. She obliges, Bob wins the tiebreaker challenge, and eventually the game. It isn’t a big moment for Sugar, but it is one of the reasons she will always have a special place in the Survivor cockles of my heart. If Matty had won, I would have disliked Gabon a lot more.

The final reason that Sugar is on the list is because of Corinne’s jury question. I know that it was not because of Sugar that this moment was entertaining, but Sugar didn’t detract the moment whatsoever, she actually added to it. Corinne, being what Sugar would call a “not nice person” , decided to insult Sugar in just about every way in her jury speech. She even brings up her recently deceased father. How does Sugar respond? She doesn’t break down into a blubbering mess of a person, she just very politely flips Corinne off.

The story of Sugar doesn’t end well, however. She eventually ended up on Heroes Vs Villains where she was quite possibly one of the most annoying Survivor contestants ever. She then decided to get into the drug game and ended up on Celebrity Rehab. This is the last we have heard from Sugar, and that just might be for the best.



Thanks for reading I hope you all enjoyed and please comment.





PS: no clue this time, I am working on re-ordering the rest of the list


4 thoughts on “100 Most Entertaining Survivors #89: Sugar Kiper (Gabon)

  1. Tim says:

    How can Sugar be below Yul in the ranking? I mean, how can Jeff find Yul more entertaining than Sugar?

    • jeffgarst says:

      Because Yul played arguably one of the best strategic games in the history of Survivor… (One of the best, not the best.)

      • Tim says:

        Yul playing a good game doesn’t mean he was entertaining. Sugar showed emotions; she cried (may be too much) , she played with her guts, blindsided the guy she was riding the coattails of, provoked the cookie gate, single-handedly decided who was going to win, have a lot of hatemance relationships . I mean, there is some drama there. Yul was boring, and I mean, nobody could say he was even remotely entertaining.

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