100 Most Entertaining Survivors #91: Christy Smith

Christy Smith got 6th place on season 6 (Survivor: Amazon).

This will be one of the shortest entries because Christy never did any one thing that was especially entertaining, but she was overall an entertaining and inspiring character.

For those of you who don’t remember this is Christy Smith. She was the first handicapped person to ever be on Survivor (unless of course you count Jenna and Heidi from this season).

Christy was entertaining because of her inspirational value. Being deaf seems like it would be a huge handicap on Survivor because when it is dark you aren’t able to turn on a light or go inside. Luckily, one of the tribes were able to light a lantern so she could read their lips. While this may be helpful, you can’t equate it to being able to hear. Christy, however, was able to overcome this. She ended up getting sixth place on Survivor: Amazon, which is still the furthest that any handicapped person has ever made it on Survivor. (Chad and Kelly B (both of which had a prosthetic leg) got 8th and 15th respectively.)

Christy also received notoriety for her open hatred of Jenna Morasca who ended up winning Survivor: Amazon. This hatred wasn’t entirely unwarranted, as Jenna acted like a whiny bitch for 39 days. For example, at one point Jenna mentioned that she also had a handicap in the game of Survivor– her beauty. While this may not be completely untrue, it seems a bit insensitive when there is a deaf girl sitting next to you. There was also an incident during the Survivor auction where Christy won the right to letters from her family. Jenna threw a fit until Jeff Probst got annoyed enough to offer Jenna her letters as well (for the same price). This seems nice, but at some point you just want to tell Jenna to shut up and let the poor girl have her moment.

How did Christy cap this hateful relationship off at the end of the game? She voted for Jenna to win the million dollars. (Some people say that she didn’t understand the rules and she thought she was voting Jenna off as opposed to voting for a winner. However, in one interview she confessed that she did indeed intend to vote for Jenna).

Christy was asked to be on season 16: Fans vs. Favorites. However she declined because she is working on a tv show.

Like I said, this may be the shortest entry on the top 100. Christy didn’t do many things, but the story of someone who was able to overcome a disability and live for 33 days with people who can hear perfectly well.

Thanks very much for reading and please comment!


PS: Number 90 on the list is the first person who is on the list more than once. This entry is for their third attempt on Survivor.


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