100 Most Entertaining Survivors #93: Boo Bernis

Kenward “Boo” Bernis got 5th place in Survivor Fiji.

I have “boo” on my list for one main reason: He always found a way to hurt himself. It didn’t matter what he was doing, Boo was in pain.

For those of you who don’t remember, this is Boo. He was on Survivor Fiji, and was slated to leave the island right after the merge. However, due to some luck for him and bad luck for the viewing audience (we lost Michelle) the twist at the final 10 saved him. While Michelle was entertaining, I didn’t mind having Boo around for a few more episodes.

Now this entry will be starkly void of any pictures, because most of my pictures come from Mario Lanza’s funny 115, and for some reason that still makes me cringe, Boo is nowhere to be found on the funny 115 (part 2).

Earlier today I recorded a podcast with fellow Survivor fan, David Johnson. We talked about the list for a while, and then we noticed an hour had gone by. When I mentioned that Boo was my next post, he said one thing,

“My favorite thing about Boo was the injury montage in episode 2.”

David was, of course, alluding to the series of shots where Boo hurt himself in ways such as putting an ax through his hand and laying in the hammock when it decides to not hang from that tree anymore:

I know this isn’t a great picture, but it was the best I could do. For some reason, wordpress won’t let me resize photos that are mine.

Anyway, this photo is of Boo in the process of falling from the hammock. As you can see, he is still laying on the hammock like normal, his brain has not yet told him that he is falling from the hammock.

Another point in the season when Boo hurts himself is during the immunity challenge in which the goal is to catch balls launched by your teammates in nets that you are holding. This, in true Survivor fashion, takes place in a huge mud pit. At one point, Boo takes a huge dive and hurts himself. The medics come out, and when he tries to stand up, you hear a huge pop. This is Boo’s knee popping back into place. Boo, being a macho man, gets up and begins playing again. This is hilarious and all Probst can say is “wow”.

The final moment I would like to stress is one that I almost forgot about until David Johnson reminded me about today in the podcast. Boo decides he is going to be smart, and makes a back path to the water well so he can spy on whoever is talking about him. Right when he is done explaining the reasons for the path, they cut to the tribe members back at camp talking about voting out Boo. Boo didn’t realize that people can talk about someone whenever that person isn’t there, it doesn’t have to be just at the water well.

Well, that is all for this entry. I think Boo is one of the more entertaining people to play Survivor, and I would love to see him back.

Thanks again for reading, please comment and follow the blog!

P.S. Thanks to David Johnson, I look forward to being on your podcast each week. I encourage all readers to check out his podcast. It is great fun.

Clue to #92: I HAVE NONE! I accidentally threw away my list that had the contestants ordered. I didn’t realize that I had done this until a few days later! I have to go through and reorder the list again.


3 thoughts on “100 Most Entertaining Survivors #93: Boo Bernis

  1. A says:

    You take way too long to upload your next blog post!

    • jeffgarst says:

      I had some issues over Christmas break because I left the list in my dorm. From now on, I have 2-3 posts a week planned. (I actually set aside time to do them each week!)

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