Introduction to the Top 100

This will be a list of 102 essays about the 100 most entertaining Survivors. Obviously, 100 of these will be dedicated to those 100 Survivors. 1 will be the intro (which you are reading) and the other will list my nominees and quick statements about why I chose not to include them on the top 100.


I would like to note that these are my rankings, and I understand that not everyone will agree with them. I welcome that and ask you to comment and let me know what you think about my entries.


Some of the 100 are my favorite players and are probably not on the list for any other reason than the fact that I enjoyed them for whatever reason. Some of them, I cannot stand watching but I recognize that they made for good TV, and therefore they make the list. Some of them I am ambivalent and simply put them on the list due to entertainment value.
Some of the people on the list are here because of one thing. Some are here because of an overall entertainment value. You will notice that most of the people on the list are post-merge boots. That is natural as they have had more screen time and therefore more opportunities for awesomeness.


Consequently, most of the people on the list have had at least one “defining entertainment moment”. There were a few people I left off of the list because I could not put my finger on one thing that they did right, but just that they were fun to watch.


Overall, I have made this list by my standards. I hope I can provide some insight as well as entertain you and make you laugh a little bit. If not, I apologize for taking up your time and I welcome your comments as to how I can improve my blog. I am also not set in my views on Survivor, and I welcome intellectual debate about my favorite television show.




2 thoughts on “Introduction to the Top 100

  1. Aaron says:

    I’ll be following this!

  2. modesto rosenberger think I’m envied 🙂

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