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100 Most Entertaining Survivors #96 Jeff Varner

From his sadistic confessionals to his overall demeanor, Jeff Varner earned his spot on my top 100. Had he made it past the top 10, he would probably be much, much higher.


Jeff Varner is probably deserving of a top 10 spot, but I have placed him here. Jeff himself asked me to make this comment only after he said,

“96? C’mon. I deserve a higher spot than that! lol I look forward to seeing the 95 other people you think were more entertaining. :-)Thanks for the distinction. You were 7? I’m ancient.” -Jeff Varner

He also said “If 95 and higher are NOT more entertaining than me, I’m gonna give you crap, k?”.

Anyway, this blog now has the approval and support of the 96th most entertaining Survivor ever, Jeff Varner.

(I did mention to him that if it was a list of my top 100 favorite contestants, he would be much higher.)

For those of you who don’t remember, this is Jeff Varner, a 34 year old news anchor from Greensboro North Carolina.

This is the point in the entry where I talk about the bias that went into making this specific decision on the top 100. Well, this one shouldn’t be too hard. I was 7 when this season came out. When you are 7, it seems like a big deal when someone shares your name. That love of my namesake has stayed with me every time I watch this season.

One of the moments that I especially loved with Jeff was his confessional before one of the reward challenges. He discusses the joy he finds in watching the other tribe complain about how hungry they were and winning all of their food. After another, when his tribe expresses sympathy for the ailing Ogakor, he comments that he felt none and would chop their heads off if he could.

While the entertainment provided by Varner may be a paltry sum compared to today’s contestants on Survivor, at the time he was a huge villain. His sadism and personality were not oft seen on Survivor before him. Even Richard Hatch, a super villain in Survivor, didn’t have nearly the sadistic qualities that Jeff Varner possessed.

Jeff’s personality is also something worth noting. He was just a generally happy guy (sadistic, but happy). He had some hilarious lines and his sarcasm was unmatched on his tribe. His friendship with Alicia was perfect, as she invited his sarcasm and they fed off of each other. I think that had Jeff been invited back to All-Stars, the season would have been much better. If he had formed an alliance with Alicia, they might have been able to do some damage.

There you have it. It is not the longest entry on the top 100 list, but it is one that I firmly believe in and will advocate and defend until the cows come home.



PS: I have asked Jeff Varner to make a comment about his entry onto the top 100, if he does I will add it to the post. Keep checking back for that.

Clue to #95: This person had one of the highest IQ’s to ever be on Survivor. He also was the brains of his ever-frustrating alliance.


100 Most Entertaining Survivors #97 Crystal Cox

This entry is the first entry for a character that I can honestly say I didn’t like. It is also my proof that this is not a list of “Jeff’s favorite Survivors” but a true list of the most entertaining. Because, while I hated Crystal and wanted her to go home the entire season, I cannot deny her entertainment value.

For those of you who don’t remember, this is Crystal Cox, a 29 year old Olympic gold medal winner from Durham, North Carolina. She was the 13th person (6th place) voted out of Survivor: Gabon, the shows 17th season.

A theme in this blog has been the inherent bias in making a list like this. This entry is no different, however the bias has manifested itself in a different way this time. Because I hated Crystal so much, my entire goal of the season was to get rid of Crystal. This means that every episode I watched, I was able to simply say “I have a strategy, get rid of Crystal!” For me, that is entertainment. Whether or not I liked her, she kept me interested in her and in the season. While I didn’t like her, I was interested in her, and the season would have been much different without her.

Another reason that I thought Crystal was entertaining was her constant bickering with Randy. (Oh and believe me, you will see Randy a bit later on this list). In fact, if I were going to make a list of best rivalries, I would be willing to bet a pretty penny that Crystal vs. Randy would be in the top 10, maybe even the top 5. On one hand, you have Randy this crotchety old wedding cinematographer who hates marriage. On the other hand you have Crystal, an optimistic gold medal winner who can’t seem to run up a hill to save her life. Honestly, the producers couldn’t have written a better rivalry. What happened after the reward challenge in episode 6 was pure poetry, as everyone relished in Crystal’s tears. Okay, maybe that was just me. As a reminder, I have included some pictures:

Randy eating the delicious fruit pies. And enjoying them I might add

Crystal begins to cry. Randy being the sympathetic person he is responds with:

Crystal begins to cry. And how does the beloved Randy respond?

Wah, wah.

I’m sorry if you find this offensive. Actually, I’m not really sorry. Find a sense of humor, because that is funny stuff right there. I know that Crystal isn’t the sole reason for entertainment here, but she is definitely an integral factor and this summarizes her feud with Randy quite well.

And finally, we cannot leave without acknowledging what Mario Lanza, fellow survivor blogger and one of the most insightful people when it comes to the game, considers the 6th funniest moment in seasons 12-20. This moment has been building the entire season.

For 30 days, Randy has been taunting Crystal in ways much like I showed above. He makes fun of her, he laughs when she cries and he calls her names, my personal favorite being “Gigantor”. Then comes the day of his boot, made even sweeter by Bob’s fake hidden immunity idol. And if that wasn’t enough, we get one of the best moments in Survivor history.


Now, if I were sitting in tribal council at this point, I wouldn’t have known who exactly she was voting for… oh wait…

This is not only one of the funniest moments in Survivor history, but also one of the most historic. Crystal is the first person to ever take advantage of the proximity of the voting booth to the rest of the tribal council. No one has ever cast a vote while yelling intentionally loud enough to let everyone hear her. Later, this strategy will be used by… well, the devil himself, Randy, during the final tribal council as he doesn’t necessarily want to vote for any of the three candidates for sole Survivor. This moment is really the epitome of Crystal and Randy’s relationship for 30 days. It sums it up so well, and while I was definitely on the Randy side of this whole rivalry, I do acknowledge the true poetry and beauty of this moment. It is poetic, it is justified, it is… just amazing. And it was provided by someone who I openly dislike… Crystal Cox.

There you have it. The first entry for someone I didn’t like. It was difficult, but by the end I began to actually grow an affection for Crystal…. oh wait…. no I didn’t. I still don’t like her, however, as I said at the beginning, I cannot ignore her entertainment value and ability to make me lobby so hard to get rid of someone in a Survivor season.

Thanks again for reading, please comment and let me know what you think!


PS: Thank you very much to Mario Lanza, writer of the Funny 115 and the Funny 115 2.0. I stole all of the pictures and the gif off of his website (with his permission of course). I suggest you check his lists out. He put so much time and effort into them, that they deserve your view.

Clue to #96: This is the first entry from “first generation Survivor” (what I would consider seasons 1-8), and may come as a surprise to some people. However, his sadistic confessionals and overall demeanor landed a spot on the top 100.

100 Most Entertaining Survivors Ever: #98 Terry Dietz

This entry will be another point of contention, as Terry Dietz is one of the most widely loved, and hated Survivors of all time.

I personally liked Terry as a person. I felt like he was the quintessential “hero” of Exile Island (I didn’t like Cirie her first time around. She redeemed herself in FvF, but there was always the bad taste in my mouth of her first episode where she was afraid of leaves). So I rooted for Terry. You also have to remember that I was 12, and the concept of strategy and social gameplay were very novel to me. Heck, I rooted for Danielle to win the first time this season aired… but that might have been for another reason seeing as I was 12. But anyway, here is Terry, a 46 year old pilot from Connecticut.

Here is Terry’s story:

Terry started out on the top of the older men’s tribe, which never had to go to TC because this potentially interesting twist got abolished in episode 2. After the switch, he ended up on La Mina, seemingly a more physically fit tribe, but one who didn’t win many challenges. Because of their inability to win, La Mina lost 3 out of their 7 people, taking them into a merge at a 4-6 disadvantage.

At this point, Terry came out of his shell. While the other three members of his tribe got picked off at 10th, 9th, and 8th, Terry went on a winning streak, winning 5 immunity challenges in a row, a previously unprecedented amount. This is why I liked Terry, as a 12 year old, I always rooted for the physically dominant characters because I was unable to comprehend the strategical and social components of the game. This is also why I rooted for Kelly, Ozzy, and Stephenie to win their final tribal councils the first time I watched them.

While I no longer respect the social and strategical game of Terry, as he managed to piss off the leader of the other alliance enough to make him go on an anti-Terry platform to his other 5, I do still respect Terry’s entertainment value. After Sally gets voted off, America gets to be on the edge of their seats wondering if this 46 year old man can continue his dominance over a group of people, 5 of whom are more than 10 years younger than him. Terry provided America with the underdog factor, and I never quite understood why people hated him so much. (If you hated him, please comment and let me know, if still baffles me). In fact, all of this winning leads us to a great moment where there is a feasible chance that Terry, despite finally losing a challenge, has a chance to stay. Of course, Danielle, facing imminent runner-up status eventually makes the decision that she has a better shot against the possibly crazy Aras. This moment, however, gives us a good deal of shock when we realize he may have actually been able to play a social game.

There is another aspect of Terry’s entertainment that is yet to be addressed. This is his fight with Aras during the reward challenge at the final 4. Personally, I almost feel for Terry on this one. When I am on Survivor, I will be the contestant who, after Jeff explains the rules, will raise his hand and ask if “x” or “y” is permitted. It seems that in almost every challenge, I have a way to get around the rules and better my chances of winning. However, the fight that ensues after (and during) this reward challenge is classic. From Aras’s laugh, to Terry’s fourth grade argumentation style is classic, and almost deserves its own spot on this list.

Whether you love him or hate him, you cannot deny the entertainment that Terry brought us during Panama: Exile Island. His constant winning gave America an underdog to root for and his heroic and kind personality lit up the good-guy screen. Until the fight that is.

As always, I thank you for watching and hope you will comment and let me know what you think


Clue to #97:  The first girl on the list gave one of the most disappointing physical performance in Survivor history.

100 Most Entertaining Survivors Ever #99: Stephen Fishbach

This is one of the contestants I expect to get a lot of comments on.

For some reason, Stephen seems to really divide people. Either they think he should be in the top 50, or that he shouldn’t even be anywhere near this list. However, one thing rings equally true for most people: he played a great game.

This is Stephen. He is a 29 year-old Law School graduate from NYC, NY. Some people regard him as one of the smartest contestants to play the show, others, however, do not.

I personally think that his strategic skills were good, but not phenomenal. But that is not what we are here to talk about, we are here to discuss his entertainment value, which, as I have mentioned, is a point of contention among all survivor fans, ranging from casual to avid.

I again have to mention the inherent bias that comes with writing any blog. This time, it manifests itself once again. I personally think that nerds make a show so much more fun. As a nerd who will be on Survivor one day (I am convinced that it is a foregone conclusion), I think that Stephen is on the top of the nerddom game. That is my bias on this one, take it or leave it.

So here we have a nerd, completely out of his element, making an alliance with a southern boy who has probably never even seen a picture of NYC, let alone a pair of glasses, and an African American woman whose husband has more money than he will ever see in his life, unless this whole alliance thing works out in his favor that is.

Add in a bit of social awkwardness and a hidden immunity idol, and we have some great tv, ladies and gentlemen.

One of the most entertaining moments for me is when Stephen happens to, in his words, “Stumble ass backwards into a huge alliance”. Adding to that, his clothing choices made him a prime holder of the precious hidden immunity idol, which he considers to be in his possession. While this is not inherently his doing, I believe that these types of situations are funny, and therefore entertaining.

One of the moments, which I alluded to at the end of my last post, was Stephen winning immunity in episode 12. This is funny because Stephen uses a not-too-complicated method to solve the puzzle (he simply attributes a number, 1-4, to each of the mathematical symbols and memorizes the number, which helps him win the game. However, he decides to go into a HUGE shakwila, shakwaria, oh right… soliloquy about the advanced psychological methods he used to solve the puzzle, ultimately (it seems) confusing Jeff Probst, and causing him to simply say “Well, it worked”.

Another point that is entertaining is Stephens celebration to winning immunity, he is more shocked than excited. (Sorry I just decided to add that because I noticed it after watching that challenge to find Probst’s exact words.

So, while Stephen did not have one defining moment that made him entertaining, nor a huge personality that shined over all others, he makes the list. His nerdiness and his ability to “stumble ass backwards” into beneficial situations put him on the list. If you watch Tocantins again, pay attention to his confessionals, they are insightful and usually have some humor thrown into them.

While this wasn’t the most long-winded of my entries, I do stand by placing Stephen in the top 100 list. I have had trouble finding specific moments that qualify Stephen for this list, but it seems that his general demeanor and personality were enough to put him at the #99 spot. Also, this picture:

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that this is the point when he found out that Sandy was on his tribe, and therefore he wouldn’t be the person voted off 5 minutes into the game.

Thanks for reading.

As always, I appreciate your comments and hope you enjoyed reading. Below is a clue to #98 on the list.


Clue to #98: Balance: his only weakness.

100 Most Entertaining Survivors #100: Ian Rosenberger

This is the first of 100 essays about who I feel to be the 100 most entertaining people in Survivor history. We are starting with the Dolphin trainer from Palau, Ian Rosenberger.

There are a few reasons Ian is on the list, but not incredibly high, and some of you might be surprised to see him here.

However, I believe that his contributions to Survivor: Palau are invaluable and made the season (at least for a few episodes) seem like it wasn’t already a forgone conclusion for Tom Westman.

For those of you who don’t remember, this is Ian. He is a 23 year old Dolphin trainer from Key Largo, FL.

To give a quick backstory, Ian was the captain of the yet-to-be-named Koror tribe because he was the first male to get to the beach and grab the immunity necklace on day one. During the first few days, he made a bond with Katie Gallagher, who would remain his friend throughout the game. Ian didn’t need strategy to go far, as his tribe won every immunity challenge, and by the “merge” had only lost one member (because of a double tribal council). As the game went on, there became a rift in the Katie/Ian friendship, and he ended up giving up his life in the game on day 38, when he stepped down from the final 3 immunity challenge after requesting that the soon-to-be winner, Tom Westman, would take Katie to the final 2 over him as an apology. Granted, this was a foregone conclusion had Tom won the challenge, but it still looked nice.

So now i have to defend myself as to why I felt that Ian was deserving of a spot on the top 100. I felt like Ian could have easily won Survivor: Palau. He was really the only person who stood a chance, physically or otherwise, against Tom Westman. He was likable, and his story arc with Katie culminated in one of the most seemingly sincere acts in the history of the game, him giving up the final immunity for her.

But is that enough to put someone on the top 100 most entertaining people list? To me? Actually, almost.

The other thing that made Ian memorable and entertaining in my mind was his smile. Too often in “neo-survivor” we never see people happy. Either they are always strategizing or miserable and cold and wet. Not Ian. He enjoyed his time in Palau, even though he didn’t end up with the money.

I have to admit, this one might be a bit biased. Here is why:

When I was 7, Survivor came out. My family liked it OK, but they weren’t as enthralled as I was. Season 2 premiered after the Super Bowl, which was a school night for my 7 year old self. We taped the premier, and went to bed. The next day, however, there was a snowday. Being the young (and stupid) person I was, I got up at 7AM. (My older self cringes now, as sleep is a hot commodity in college). The first thing I did was pop in the tape of Survivor with my brother (3 and a half years older than me) and sit and watch. My parents came down to leave for work, and right when they looked at the TV, Kimmi Kappenburg said a line that I will never forget “Where the hell am I going to masterbate out here?!?!”. Well, needless to say, my parents were less than happy about this and they banned me from ever watching Survivor again. Fast forward a few years, I try to watch Survivor All-Stars, my dad catches me, and I am in trouble. Fast forward another year or so, and I begin to watch Survivor: Vanuatu at around the time of the merge. My parents have forgotten this incident by now, and I am free to watch. Therefore, the first full season I watched after being banned for life was Survivor: Palau. It will always have a special place in my heart, and I remember rooting for Ian and Tom in the final 2. He was my favorite to win up until the merge, when my focus switched to Tom.

While I am biased about Ian, I do believe that he deserves to be here, I found him wildly entertaining and I would love to see him on a future season of Survivor.

Thanks to all for reading, and I hope you continue on the journey through the top 100 most entertaining survivors.





Clue to #99: This survivor, whose season was located in the Americas won one immunity challenge, using his superior intellect and knowledge of the human psyche to seize the necklace.

Those who didn’t quite make the cut

When I started this “competition” I simply grabbed a piece of notebook paper and wrote down the most entertaining people from each season with no barriers. Some seasons had only 5 people on the list, some had 13. All in all, from seasons 1-22, I had 190 Survivors. I was scared because the thought of cutting almost half of my list made me sad. These were people I learned to love (or hate) over the course of a season, or two, or three, or four.

However, I did have to make one decision that I stand by above all others, some people will be on this list more than once. I evaluated each person on a single season basis. Therefore, if someone was entertaining on more than one season, they made the top 190. I did this for a few reasons:

1) Some people blew their entertainment value on subsequent seasons.

2) Some people redeemed their entertainment value from previous seasons

3) Some people would have been in the 90’s-100’s for one season, and the top 10 for another, therefore they would have been in the 50’s overall, a terrible injustice in my mind. This is mainly due to the fact that if someone wasn’t entertaining for a few episodes, I would downgrade them in my mind.

The next step in my quest towards the ultimate Survivor list was to put people in groups, a la America’s Got Talent. Some would move on automatically, some would be cut automatically, and some would have to go through a tiring process of evaluation. All in all, 72 moved on without question. 45 had to be cut immediately, and 71 would go through the evaluation process. Yes, I understand that this doesn’t add up to 190, but there is a reason. Some people, I noticed, were only entertaining because of their pairing with someone else in the cast. Therefore, I combined some people into one entertaining character.

The following 45 people were those who were cut from the competition immediately.

From Survivor: Borneo:
Colleen Haskell

From Survivor: The Australian Outback
Michael Skupin

From Survivor: Africa
Teresa Cooper

From Survivor: Marquesas
Neleh Dennis

From Survivor: Thailand
Helen Glover
Shii-Ann Huang

From Survivor: The Amazon
Shawna Mitchell

From Survivor: Pearl Islands
Ryan Opray
Darrah Johnson

From Survivor: All-Stars
Kathy Vaverick O’Brien
Jenna Lewis

From Survivor: Vanuatu
Julie Berry
Lea “Sarge” Masters

From Survivor: Palau
Jenn Lyon
Gregg Carey
Wanda Shirk

From Survivor: Guatemala
Amy O’Hara
Lydia Morales
Danni Boatwright

From Survivor: Exile Island
Dan Berry
Bobby “BobDawg” Mason

From Survivor: Cook Islands
Nate Gonzalez

From Survivor: Fiji
Dreamz Herd

From Survivor: China
Steve “Chicken” Morris

From Survivor: Micronesia Fans Vs. Favorites
Alexis Jones
Kathy Sleckman

From Survivor: Gabon
Matty Whitmore
Danny “GC” Brown

From Survivor: Tocantins
Debra Beebe
Sandy Burgin

From Survivor: Samoa
Jaison Robinson
Natalie White
Brett Clouser

From Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains
James Clement
Rupert Boneham
Danielle DiLorenzo
Amanda Kimmel

From Survivor: Nicaragua
Jimmy Johnson
Jill Behm
Dan Lembo

From Survivor: Redemption Island
Kristina Kell
Stephanie Valencia
Mike Chiesl
Andrea Boehlke

For those people who were eliminated in the grueling process, I will write a few statements about why I chose not to include them. I am sure that some of these will be controversial, but these are my opinions.

Gervase Peterson: I like the guy, and he was entertaining. However, I feel like overall he was boring. There were plenty of episodes where he was just plan meh.

John Carroll: While his story was hilarious and the peeing incident was uproarious, he was virtually invisible for enough of the game for me to warrant cutting him.

Butch Lockley: Invisible for too much of the game with a big change at the very end.

Jenna Morasca (Amazon): I know that people probably won’t agree with me, but she played the game like a whiny jerk for 39 days.

Andrew Savage: I really wanted to put him on the list, but I have trouble putting my finger on anything he really did to warrant a spot on the top 100

Bobby Jon Drinkard (Palau): He was a beast at challenges (not quite enough though) and his camplife was pretty disgusting. But he was funny, just not funny enough for me to give him a spot.

Cindy Hall: With the exception of the car decision and her expulsion line, she was fairly invisible for the game. Although I did like her discussion of zoo animals. I would have been interested, but Judd apparently wasn’t

PG Law: I don’t know why I put her on the top 190, or the top 143. I think it was out of guilt. I see a lot of PG love on the message boards and Sucks, but I don’t see it. I don’t think her game was all that masterful, and I don’t think she was entertaining.

Steve Wright: Again, I don’t know why he made either list. His fight with Phillip was funny, but I think it was his pre-show that got him on the list. I saw him through rose-colored glasses for the entire season because I was convinced he would be a good character.

Matt Elrod: More annoying than entertaining. I am a Christian, but this guy takes it way too over the top and tends to give us all a bad name. His insistence that God was helping him was irritating at best, and he didn’t realize that God probably doesn’t care about the outcome of a reality TV show.

Grant Mattos: I personally liked Grant, just not enough to put him on the list

Jake Billingsley: Someone who was difficult to keep off of the list. I actually think he would have made it if the list were 5-10 more people or if my strategy had changed. (I had so much trouble deciding who to cut, that I just started picking who I wanted to include. I feel like I had lots of trouble cutting him, but I ended up not choosing him as one of the included.)

Lex Van De Berghe (All-Stars): He was entertaining for the few episodes between the switch and his boot, but overall he was fairly meh throughout the beginning of the season.

Chad Crittenden: His story was inspiring, but he didn’t make enough of an impact entertainment-wise to warrant a spot on the top 100.

Stephenie LaGrossa (Guatemala): She will be on the list for Palau, but for Guatemala she was too focused on the game, and not focused enough on making good TV. She wasn’t entertaining, she just had an ego and wasn’t too entertaining.

Bobby Jon Drinkard (Guatemala): This was the closest that Bobby Jon was to making the top 100, mainly because of his fight with Jaime. I even considered merging Jaime and Bobby Jon into one entry, but Jaime had too much on his own without Bobby Jon that I felt it would be an injustice to Jaime’s page. Therefore, Bobby Jon got shafted, and he is here.

Aras Buskaukas: This will be a controversial entry. Some will say he should have made it in the Top 100, some will say he shouldn’t have been in the top 190. However, I think he was probably number 102 if I had kept going. I think he was intelligent because he kept one of the most dysfunctional alliances in Survivor history together, and his fight with Terry was funny. But overall, his entertainment value wasn’t quite enough.

Danielle DiLorenzo (Exile Island): I really liked her the first time I watched this season. I was also 13. After watching a second (and third and fourth) time, I don’t see it anymore. She wasn’t as entertaining.

Bruce Kanegai: A victim of the “didn’t have one defining entertainment moment” curse. Overall, he was awesome, but I didn’t see one moment that I could put my finger on.

Courtney Merit: Probably one of the decisions I wish I could take back. When I look at it though, I don’t see the entertainment value. I know she was crazy, but something kept me from putting her on this list, and I almost regret it.

Cao Boi Bui: Another decision I regret. I don’t know what kept him off, honestly. Maybe it was his lack of longevity. Maybe it was the guilt factor that made me think he might actually be crazy, and putting him on the list would make me a bad person. But when it comes down to it, he didn’t make the cut and I almost regret it.

Jessica Smith: Same as Bruce, didn’t have ONE moment. She was fun to watch, though.

Parvati Shallow (Cook Islands): After re-watching the season, I realized that she wasn’t much. I think she was lucky to be called back for FvF, and because she was, she has become one of the best Survivor characters ever. But this season, she didn’t make the cut.

Candice Woodcock (Cook Islands):Actually made the cut for this season. Wasn’t even considered for HvV. but overall, while her mutiny and Exile Island stint were fun, nothing much to speak of.

Denise Martin: I liked her, and she helped make China awesome, but when it comes down to it, there were too many other entertaining people. She would have been in the top 110 I think .

Amanda Kimmel (China): I fully expect people to be angry at me for not putting Amanda on the top 100. However, if I wasn’t so active on message boards and Sucks, I wouldn’t have even let her get this far. I just don’t see what she did that makes people like her so much. To me she wasn’t interesting, funny, or even entertaining. I don’t see why she was brought back for FvF or HvV. Overall, I’m not her biggest fan.

Amanda Kimmel (Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites): Almost the exact same explanation as above. Although, I will say that Amanda in FvF was much closer to making the top 100 than Amanda in China.

Marcus Lehman/Charlie Herschel: Their relationship was semi-cute. However, I wasn’t that big of a fan of Marcus as a stand-alone. I feel like he was too one-dimensional. Charlie, I liked, but again wouldn’t have been able to make it to the top 100 (or 143 for that matter) alone.

Ken Hoang: One of the most disappointing characters in the history of Survivor in my opinion. I feel like he had a wonderful hold of the game after the first few episodes, and then went downhill after that. But was fun to watch with Michelle and Fang the first few episodes.

Brendan Synott: Brendan had a wonderful hold on the game in Tocantins and was a legitimate threat to win the game, which is why he was voted out. I liked him, but he fizzled out and ended up being uninteresting his last few episodes.

Erinn Lobdell: When I started this list, I thought Erinn would be on the top 100 easily. But upon further inspection, I can’t really point to any legitimate entertainment aspect that she provided. I do like her as a player, but I don’t think she deserves to be in the top 100.

Ben Browning: He is the earliest boot to make it to the top 143. His entertainment value was irrefutable. However, I can’t decide if I classify him as entertaining or just a jerk. I feel like had he made it a few more episodes, he would be in the top 100 easily.

Yasmin Giles: She was one of my least liked characters in Samoa. However, she provided some great quotes and moments, but not enough.

Erik Cardona: Had some great moments between being clotheslined and his confessionals in a tree. However, just couldn’t quite make it to the top 100. Probably top 115 material though.

Laura Morrett: I hated her in Samoa. I think that her only good moment was the “fish in the ocean” line. Other than that, a pretty flat character all around.

Rob Mariano (Heroes vs. Villains): Rob did make for great tv, and would have made for better TV this season had he made it further. But he just didn’t have enough screen time this season to justify a spot in the top 100. Probably in the top 110 though.

Tyson Apostol (Heroes vs. Villains): Victim of the same things as Rob this season. You will definitely see him on the top 100 for Tocantins

Courtney Yates (Heroes vs. Villains): Probably should have been in the top 100, and I admit that. However, I can’t figure out one thing this season that would have put here on the top 100.

Marty Piombo: Another regret. Definitely in the top 110.

Brenda Lowe: Fun for a few episodes and her interactions with Chase, but after that she was really boring. 

Sash Lenahan: Overall, I really liked him, but I don’t think he was entertaining enough to deserve a spot.

Jerri Manthey (Heroes vs. Villains): Jerri is definitely number 101. I even had her circled to be in the top 100, but there was another Survivor who I just couldn’t leave out.  I had a huge moral dilemma on my hands. In the end, Jerri finally changed my mind about her, and I really ended up liking her this season. I feel like with more air time spent on her, and less on Russell and Parv, she would have easily broken the top 100, and possibly the top 72, but alas. That is the pain of editing.

There you have it. The 90 people who didn’t quite make the cut. Is there anyone there that you irrefutably think should be in the top 100? Or anyone you think shouldn’t have even made the top 190? I would love to hear your feedback.

I now have the horrible task of sorting the top 100. Wish me luck. I hope to have the first post here by next week at this time, if not earlier.

Also, if you haven’t already, I urge you to read my Survivor: South Pacific blog. I write two blogs, one while I watch the show, and one post show blog that sums up my thoughts.

Thanks again for reading, please check back for updates!

Introduction to the Top 100

This will be a list of 102 essays about the 100 most entertaining Survivors. Obviously, 100 of these will be dedicated to those 100 Survivors. 1 will be the intro (which you are reading) and the other will list my nominees and quick statements about why I chose not to include them on the top 100.


I would like to note that these are my rankings, and I understand that not everyone will agree with them. I welcome that and ask you to comment and let me know what you think about my entries.


Some of the 100 are my favorite players and are probably not on the list for any other reason than the fact that I enjoyed them for whatever reason. Some of them, I cannot stand watching but I recognize that they made for good TV, and therefore they make the list. Some of them I am ambivalent and simply put them on the list due to entertainment value.
Some of the people on the list are here because of one thing. Some are here because of an overall entertainment value. You will notice that most of the people on the list are post-merge boots. That is natural as they have had more screen time and therefore more opportunities for awesomeness.


Consequently, most of the people on the list have had at least one “defining entertainment moment”. There were a few people I left off of the list because I could not put my finger on one thing that they did right, but just that they were fun to watch.


Overall, I have made this list by my standards. I hope I can provide some insight as well as entertain you and make you laugh a little bit. If not, I apologize for taking up your time and I welcome your comments as to how I can improve my blog. I am also not set in my views on Survivor, and I welcome intellectual debate about my favorite television show.